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Remembered Today:

14th Division Diaries I now have.


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Can check out these ones.

7th Bn Rifle Brigade May 1915 - May 1918

18th Bn York & Lancaster Regt June 1918 - May 1919

7th Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps May 1915 - January 1918

8th Bn Rifle Brigade May 1915 - July 1918

8th Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps May 1915 - May 1918

29th Bn Durham Light Infantry June 1918 - April 1919

33rd Bn London Regt (Rifle Brigade) June 1918 - May 1919

The pdf files are very large so would appreciate if requests were a bit specific, like .. "Could you see if Jimmy is mentioned in April 1917?" .. rather than ...."Is Jimmy mentioned in the 150th Bn diary?"

Thank you for your understanding. :lol:

Edited: 22/09/09 in order to make the title more user friendly.

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I to have some copies of the 7th Battalion Rifle Brigade war diaries and on the list of wounded dated 18th August 1916 is my grandfather H. Conley. It is at the bottom of a page and the National Archives have added there stamp through his name.

Can I trouble you to look and see if your copy is the same.

Thanks in anticipation

John C

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Hi John.

Unfortunately the stamp "Catalogue reference: WO/95" appears at the bottom of every page.

However, it's a strange one. Whilst scrolling the pages the stamp isn't visible. It's only when you stop

scrolling that your Grandfathers details are covered.

I can see he was in B Company.His number looks like it was 6/775

Kind regards.

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You seem to have a 14th Division slant, if so is there anything that you are missing as I have most of the 14th Div diaries, including brigade, A & Q, Engineers, Artillery, MG, TMB, Field Ambulances, Cyclist etc. etc.


Someone on the forum did mention sometime ago that you could scrub the NA reference, seem to remamber it was Matt (WestKent) that mentioned it.


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