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Remembered Today:

Article from the Irish Newpapers, ww1


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Tom, an excellent account of events. Many thanks to you and your daughter.

I've got the 2nd Bn Diary for this period. I think the missing locations could be:

16th Aug: Aumoye via Amiens

17th Aug: Marbaix

18th Aug: " "

19th Aug: " "

20th Aug: Marbaix. (I can't see Bordeaux mentioned in the diary. It does seem a long way away???)

21st Aug: Feignies via Maubeuge

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Thanks Ulsterlad. As I find more I will post them. I am happy to say that the writer survived the war. It is not common to find articles on the Royal Irish Rifles in these papers, mostly the Royal Irish Regiment. and local volunteer units.

Kind regards.


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Cheek away, if you dont ask you dont get. PM me your email addy an i'll see what I can do attaching it for ya.

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is this john lucy`s battalion ?? devil in the drum is a fascinating account and this adds to the early desperate mobile fighting of 1914

absolutely brilliant and thanks fo putting up

how those men could deal with the conditions,the ghastly sights,the lack of sleep,food etc is just beyond modern day rationale i reckon

man turned to beast

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Yes, it was the Battalion John Lucy was in.

It was also Sergeant (later Captain, MC) Thomas McAlindon's Battalion. If you haven't done so and you're interested in 2 RIR, I suggest you read a copy of his nephew's biography, "Two Brothers, Two Wars" - very well written and a cracking good read - the first part of which covers the same period as Lucy's book.

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