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Capt A Reginald Rathbone, South Lanc’s Regt


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Can anyone help?

I have a list of names for the Gateacre/Woolton area of Liverpool amongst which is a Reginald Rathbone. The only R Rathbone I can locate so far is (CWGC): Capt A Reginald Rathbone, South Lanc’s Regt, 2nd Batt., died 24 June 1915 (Aged 51). Son of Benson Rathbone, Liverpool.

From local enquiries I have established that there was a George Rathbone living at Baycliff (now the Bishop’s Lodge, Woolton Hill Road, Woolton), iron merchant, who was the son of a Benson Rathbone of Aigburth, Liverpool.

I don’t know if there is any connection with these two Benson’s but I need to know if/where the above officer lived in the Woolton/Gateacre area of Liverpool.

Any further information would also be appreciated.


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Bit of a coincidence - please check the Green Room Club thread in soldiers


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Reginald Blythe Rathbone of the Loyals, lived in Aigburth. Any chance it might have been him?

Forum Pal "Daggers" has done quite a bot of work covering South Liverpool, and I'm sure he'll be along shortly.

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I have this on Arnold ! :)

In Memory of


2nd Bn., South Lancashire Regiment

who died age 51

on 24 June 1915

Son of Benson Rathbone, of Liverpool.

Remembered with honour


Arnold Richard Rathbone was born at Garston, Lancashire, England

He was the son of William Benson Rathbone and Hannah Sophia Greg.

Arnold Richard Rathbone was a student on 3 April 1881 at Rugby School, Rugby, Warwickshire, England

He was listed as a boarder in the household of an unknown person in the 1881 census at Boarding House To Rugby School, Barby Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, England

He married Eleanor Haddock in 1898 at St Michael, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Arnold Richard Rathbone was a cotton merchant & broker on 31 March 1901

He was listed as the head of household in the 1901 Census at Wavertree, Lancashire, England

He was a Captain 2nd Batallion, South Lancashire Regiment

He died on 24 June 1915 at France

He was buried at Le Treport Military Cemetery, Le Treport, Seine Maritime, France

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Guy Benson RATHBONE born 29 May, Sefton Park, Liverpool baptised 26 June 1884, Liverpool (St Michael) Actor - member of Frank Benson's Shakespeare Company Lived at 107 Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, London prior to his death Commission in the Gloucestershire Regiment in February 1915 and died on active service on 21 April 1916 at Sulva Bay, Gallipoli.

His name is included on Basra Memorial.

He married 22 October 1910 at Bayswater (St Matthew), London to Theodora DE SELINCOURT date of birth unknown daughter of Charles Alexander SELINCOURT. She remarried on 22 August 1917 at Hampstead (St Peter), London to Norman Robert McKEOWN, Army Captain, of Sydney, Australia

Parents - Emma Catherine FORGET born c 1857, Liverpool, Lancashire date and place of baptism unknown daughter of Charles J. FORGET & (Louisa BOURGEOIS) married on 14 February 1878 at Mossley (St Matthew & St James) Lancashire to Arthur BENSON RATHBONE born 7 February 1853, Aigbirth, Liverpool son of William Benson RATHBONE (1826-1892) & Hannah Sophia GREG (c1832-1914)

Daughter - Pamela joyce rathbone, was born 25 november 1912, hampstead, london, and married in 1946 in the ashford area of kent to edward coulson who taught history.

13 21st April RATHBONE, Guy Benson Capt - 32 7th Battalion KIA Mespot Sannaiyat, near Kut, R Tigris, Mesopotamia (Iraq)

Educated at Malvern and at Oriel College, Oxford. Commissioned Feb. 1915. Served in Gallipoli from Sept. 1915. Left a widow and child.

The Malvern Register 1865-1904

Rathbone, Guy Benson, Red Gables, Formby, Lancs

Class: Lower Vth-VIth; School Prefect, Second XI Cricket, House XI Football, Shooting Eight. Left Mids 1902.

Oriel College, Oxford.

Any connection?


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Here I am.

I think the reference to 'Arnold Reginald' Rathbone should be to Arnold Richard Rathbone (b.1863) who died on that date. He was a younger brother of Arthur Benson Rathbone (1853-1915), sons of William Benson Rathbone [1826-1892]. The father seems always to have been known by his second name.

George (1857-1953) was a brother of Arnold.

Reginald B. Rathbone - not sure where he belongs, but not on a family listing of Benson's children. He has London Gazette entries for 1914 and 1945 which I have not pursued.

A large and successful family, cropping up in many areas of Liverpool's history and [former!] prosperity, and living all around the area as the family grew.

I have some details of Arnold's life, collected among details of those commemorated on the memorial at Liverpool Cricket Club, which I can pass on if required.


EDIT - catching up:

Guy was son of Arthur BB and a grandson of (Wm) Benson Rathbone as shown by Chris's post above, and so a nephew of the brothers first referred to.

I said they were a large family!

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So if the A R Rathbone is Richard and not Reginald, then we're back to the beginning aren't we? Trying to identify "Reginald Rathbone" who appears on a "list of names". What's the source of the list?

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many thanks to all have replied so prompty to my request for info on Capt A R Rathbone.

The list of names I refer to is for Gateacre Chapel, Gateacre, in whose memory the Lych Gate is dedicated. Amongst the list of names is Reginald Rathbone and the only R Rathbone I could find (CWGC) was Capt A R Rathbone. I'm not sure this is the same one as non so far give a Gateacre/Woolton address. I'm new on this website and don't know where the Green thread is. More help would be apprecaited.


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The Green Room item can be found by clicking on the 'Soldiers' section on the main menu. Then scroll down past other headings. There are two Rathbones, actors, listed in the war memorial which is the subject of that thread.

I suspect that Izzy may know something about the Gateacre Chapel and its gate, and he is usually on the forum at some time in the week.

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Oh Daggers .... you know what I mean !! :rolleyes:

....... the roofed gateway to the churchyard where the corpse was set down - to wait for the Vicar !! ;)

What's it called ?

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this from Wooltonian's posting above:

"Gateacre Chapel, Gateacre, in whose memory the Lych Gate is dedicated"

No 'vicars' in the Unitarians, either! [in a prickly mood this week]


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Thank you Wooltonian for the pictures ...... it's lovely to see them ! :)

Daggers .... the Unitarians aren't the only ones to have "Lych gates" !! :rolleyes:

OK back to business ..... do you think we're on the wrong trail then Wooltonian ? - can you give us any other clues ?

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I have given all I know and hope someone can come to the rescue! I have started making inquiries around Gateacre but have so far drawn a blank. I am hoping (desperately!) to have all the details in place for the forthcomming Remembrance Sunday at the Chapel.

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Liverpool University has Special Collections & Archives for the Rathbone family ........ fascinating stuff if you ever want to delve into it !!

This is just a thought .... I tore my hair out looking for soldiers on my Honour Rolls ... only to find out that they were included as men who served and also some who were not shown on the CWGC as they had died after the cut off date .... so that being said .... I found this young man ... could he be a possibility ?

Richard Reynolds Rathbone (23 Feb 1891-1962)

Sybil Rathbone

(Richard) Reynolds was the son of Hugh Reynolds Rathbone and Emily Evelyn Rathbone. m. (14 April 1928) Sybil Rolfe, youngest daughter of G.W. Rolfe, rector of Swanton Novers, Norfolk. Three children:

Richard Simon

Sebastian David Reynolds

Bridget Mary (later Gledhill)

Reynolds was studying engineering at Trinity College Cambridge at the outbreak of war, during which he served for the 6th King's Liverpool Rifles and was twice wounded in France. After the war he became a merchant.


"Gazette of changes in army personnel" The Times (London), 30 May 1918.

Richard Reynolds Rathbone, son of Hugh Reynolds Rathbone gazetted captain

Annie :)

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Stephen mentioned Reginald Blythe Rathbone earlier ....... heres some snippets* about him !!

Medal card of Rathbone, Reginald Blythe

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Temporary Second Lieutenant

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment Captain




RATHBONE, Brig. Reginald Blythe. (b. 1895). GB165-0235. MS memoir of service in Palestine, November 1946-April 1948. 7 sheets



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Here is Reginald Rathbone from the 1911 census, aged 16, apprentice shipbroker, resident at 120 Holt Road [off Edge Lane]. There are 7 siblings aged 20 down to 9. On the page I saw, the head of the household was not their parent. May be a total red herring as the geography, at least, is wrong.


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