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6th Btn Yorkshire regiment


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Off to Longueval next week and have just been asked by friends to find out 2 soldiers of the 6th Btn Yorkshire regiment.What I really would like to know is where they were located when they were killed 14/9/16,the only link I have so far found is around Mash valley?.

Any help much appreciated.


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Hi Nick.

These chaps were killed in the attack on the 'Wundt Werk' (Wonder Work) by units of the 11th (Northern) Division.

To find the location of the latter, make your way to Lonsdale Cemetery. If you walk along the road in the direction of Ovillers, when the road 'dips,' a small track will become apparent on your left with a wooded area/come quarry. Follow the track until basically you are behind the Thiepval Memorial on high ground. This is roughly the area. I will scan you the plan of attack from Wyrall's History.

All the best.


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Hope you have a most enjoyable visit Nick.

This may also be of some interest and is taken from The Green Howards In The Great War by H.C. Wylly.

'On the night of the 14th September the 32nd Brigade of the 11th Division was detailed to carry out an attack on the enemy position, his trenches in Turk Street being the primary and the Wonderwork itself the final objective, and the assault was to be undertaken by the 8th Duke of Wellington's Regiment and the 9th West Yorkshire on the right and left respectively, while on the left of the West Yorkshire Regiment the 6th Green Howards were to make a bombing attack.

At 6.30 p.m. a very heavy artillery barrage from every gun that could be brought to bear was opened upon Turk Street, and three minutes later the front attacking wave of "D" Company of the 6th Green Howards left its assembly trench and assailed the enemy Trenches 91-69. These had somehow remained untouched by our artillery and the attacking force was met by heavy rifle and grenade fire, but nevertheless some of them at least reached the objective and, assisted by a platoon of the West Yorkshire which arrived as a reinforcement, Trenches 91-69 were gained by a bombing attack about midnight; a bombing block was then established at about seventy from 91 Post. The enemy counter-attacked violently with bombs at least three times during the night, but on each occasion was successfully repulsed; the losses in the Battalion, in this its first fight on the Western Front, had been serious, Lieut.-Colonel C.G. Forsyth, D.S.O., and Second-Lieutenant C.E. Hurst being killed, Captain J.K. Earle and Second-Lieutenant T.T. Shipman wounded, and Second-Lieutenant I.C. MacFarlane wounded and missing, while casualties among the other ranks numbered one hundred and thirty.

Of the death of Lieutenant-Colonel Forsyth something more must be said: A report had been received that "D" Company was in difficulties; it proved to be unfounded, but Colonel Forsyth at once went up to the extreme front, where he was shot through the head. He was one of six brothers who served in the war and five of them were killed in action. He was marked out for advancement and the 6th Battalion owes him a very great debt.

The whole of the 15th was spent in consolidating Princess Street and Trenches 91-69, and early in the day the enemy remained tolerably quiet; but towards evening he opened a strong bombardment of the line held by the Battalion, followed at 10.15 by a determined attack on Trenches 91-69, Posts 68, 78 and 46, gaining possession for a time of a portion of Trenches 91-69. A counter-attack was then made, the enemy was driven out and the lost groung regained and held, all attacks elsewhere being repulsed.

Early on the 16th the Battalion was relieved and marched to rest billets at Hedauville, where both the divisional and corps commanders congratulated the 32nd Brigade on the success of the operations.'

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