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Identification of medals


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I recently acquired a postcard of numerous dignitaries and medals, but not really sure of the era, who, dates, etc though I think it is likely to be just after WW1 going on the other postcards with it such as peace celebrations, parties and pageants - can anyone help with what the uniforms and/or medals could be ?

Full size version should be here:

Full size image


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Hi, gentleman in front wearing , I believe, Most Noble Order of THe Garter! Very rare and limited to the current Quenn or King, Prince of Wales and usually 25 other Knights,


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The Gent @ Front is King Of The Belgians!!!

The following gent is I think French & has the Legion D'Honneur Grand Cross on his Breast amonst others ,the other Gent may be Italian & is wearing what looks like a GC of St Maurice & Lazuras???

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Interesting !

Another card if of the Prince of Wales so wonder perhaps if it is something to do with the unveiing of the Dover Patrol Memorial in 1921 ?


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