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Roumanian Medal of Military Virtue


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Can any one tell me about the Roumanian Medal of Military Virtue ( 2nd Class, Silver)awarded to an NCO in the 24th Btn Welsh Regiment. London Gazette is dated 1919 to Sgt Thomas Lougher. Were citations issued or were theses medals handed out as a kind of exchange between the allies? The same NCO won a DCM in September 1918 at Gillemont Farm. Would the Roumanian medal have been awarded for the same action?

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Hi Philip,

Thomas' award for his Romanian Croix de Virtute Militaire 2nd Class was listed in the 24th Welsh War Diary on 19 March 1919. The DCM was listed just weeks later, in the War Diary of 10th April (LG 12/3/1919). The closeness of these dates makes me think that they were for the same action;

For conspicuous gallantry and initiative. On 21st September 1918, when all the officers of his company had become casualties during the advance on Gillemont Farm, he took charge of the company and elements of other battalions in South Gillemont Trench. When counter-attacked on three sides and forced to withdraw, he displayed considerable tactical skill in disposing his command so that the withdrawal was successfully carried out, frequently exposing himself to heavy artillery and machine-gun fire with absolute disregard of his personal safety.

He was also Mentioned in Sir Douglas Haig's Despatches on 9 July 1919.


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Hi Philip & Steve,

D-20306 Sjt Charles Hackey, 3rd Dragoon Guards was awarded the DCM (LG 3.6.1919 award/ 11.3.10 citation) for an action at Noreuil on 23 Mar 1918... His Croix de Virtute Militara Second Class awarded LG 20.9.19 is accompanied with the Brevet and citation for an action on 23 Mar 1918 at Noreuil... almost identically the same citation as his DCM.

Additionally, he received the French Croix de Guerre (LG 14.7.19) but I don't have a citation for that award.

Trust this proves helpful - it would appear that one of the stipulations of this Roumanian award was that it was to be distributed to those already cited by their own command authority.


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Hi George,

That information does help a lot, thanks. I would have thought that the awards were linked, but your research helps to confirm it.

Best Wishes,


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