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Hallo once again,

As you were all so helpful in the past i come begging again for help. I was researching my great grandfather sidney john jolley, Last month a relative contacted me via ancestry to see if i could help her. Her grandfather was sidney john's son, sidney william jolley. I pulled his medal cards of ancestry and the information is as follows. 2 medal cards sidney william jolley regimental no 33234 royal welsh fusiliers, theatre of war france, date of discharge 6/6/1916, cause of discharge Para 32 XV KR sickness. Rank Pte. The 2nd medal card is under sidney william JOLLY and says 12 bat. The family story is that he lost a leg in the war, trying to confirm this, any information what so ever would be very much appreciated. I have no idea whether he was attached to another regiment earlier on in his career, both his older brother robert james and his father sidney john were in the cheshire regiment.


Regards yvette.

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Sidney William Jolley's first card shows him earning the 1914-15 Trio, having landed in France on 18 December 1915 and being discharged on 6 June 1916. This first date is just a little after the main body of the 38th (Welsh) Division landed, so he could have been with one of their RWF units (13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th battns.) or a reinforcement to the earlier Regular or "Kitchener" battalions (1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th). The code numbers on the card relate to the RWF Medal Rolls at the NA, Kew, and these may state with which unit he served. You can also try the Royal Welch Forum, where one of the moderators has I think a complete Medal Roll.

The second (brown) card you pulled on Sidney William Jolly 33234 RWF is a "Silver War Badge" type. He enlisted on 14 August 1915 and was serving with the 12th Battalion RWF, a Reserve & training unit based at Kinmel Park Camp near Abergele, North Wales either initially or just before discharge on 6 June 1916. This unit never saw action.

The description "sickness" would suggest some illness or ailment caused his discharge as per the quoted King's Regulation, rather than a battle wound, but I can't be sure.

The photo I can only hazard a guess at - the two men in dark uniforms either end are St.John Ambulance Brigade. The lower left hand figure isn't wearing an RWF cap badge, whatever else. If his right sleeve has Overseas service chevrons (not sure about this) then it dates it to 1918 or later. The centre figure may be wearing a Manchester Regt. cap badge.

Hope this helps.


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