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Remembered Today:

Roll of Honour 1914-15 Capt Lord Guernsey Irish Guards


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Lord Guernsey was born in 1883, educated at Eton and Sandhurst, joined Militia in

1901 and was a 2nd Lieutenant with Irish Guards in 1902. Served in South Africa

August 1901 to May 1902. ADC to the Governor and C-in' C Gibralter in 1905.

He retired in 1906 and joined the Warwickshire Yeomanry as a Captain from 1908.

In April 1914 he was a Captain in the Reserve of Officers and rejoined Irish Guards on 12th August 1914.

Guernsey was killed towards dusk on 14th September, 1914 at La Cour de Soupir in the attack of the 4th Guards Brigade during the Battle of the Aisne.

Guernsey was buried next to Captain Hamilton Berners and Captain Lord Arthur Hay also of the 1st Irish Guards. They were later reburied in Soupir Communal Cemetery, A 3-5.

Guernsey lived at Packington Park, Warwickshire

see pages 390-391 'The Aristocracy in the Great War.' ISBN 0947893 35 0.

For details of Captain Lord Arthur Hay who was killed by a sniper at the same time as Lord Guernsey see pages 502-503 of the above publication.

For further details see Kipling's 'The Irish Guards in the Great War'

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