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Remembered Today:

Mass Grave at Fromelles

bob lembke

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Just saw this, new to me, but many may know of this.

World Briefing | Europe

France: New Light on 1916 Battle


Published: August 19, 2009

Archaeologists and forensics experts have so far exhumed the remains of 222 British and Australian soldiers from a World War I mass grave in northern France, the project manager said. They have been working since May to unearth mass burial pits at the site of the 1916 Battle of Fromelles, near the city of Lille, and searching for clues to identify the soldiers, most of whom are thought to be Australian. The battle, on July 19, 1916, was a disaster for Allied troops, who were killed by the thousands as they tried to advance through open fields in an attempt to keep the Germans from sending reinforcements to the Battle of the Somme, raging a few dozen miles to the south.

Bob Lembke

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