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Hi all,

Would any forum member know if the burial sites of Allied soldiers, buried by the Germans, were recorded by the German Military, if so, who would I contact to be able to access or get copies of these records.

Thanking you in advance


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There are also records found (quite recently) to be at the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva. A programme of digitisation is underway, but it may be quite some time before they are accessible. I do not believe that these are accessible by written enquiry, unlike the POW records held by the same organisation.

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Izzy and Chris thank you for your reply,

I knew the ICRC delt with the POW's but was unsure regarding the notification of burials of UK forces by the Germans. I'll look into it.

Once again thank you

Regards Barry

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Guest melanieptucker

Hi Izzy,

I hate to contact you this way but apparently I can't do IM's yet. Hope you see this. I wanted to get back in touch regarding John Leather and his wife, Mary Eliza Robinson Leather.



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