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Hello there forum people.

I wasn't 100% sure which sub-forum to put this in as altho I mention a specific soldier, I'm not necessarily asking anyone to help me find him, but help me figure out where/when these a few photos might have been taken :)

SO, I was wondering if those anyone with military history knowledge might be able to help me out.

I have a few photos and have managed to narrow down a few facts, but there are still a few things I'm not clear on.

The first two photos are of Arthur Wilson. Obviously, in the first, he is much younger.

From what I've worked out, I think his rank is Lance Bombardier?

Haven't managed to narrow down a Medal card. Thought I had, but when I viewed Ancestry's version of the medal card, there was info that made it unlikely to be him.

Taken in Dover:


Taken in Singapore:


Although I know he served in the great war, I'm not actually sure if any of these photos were taken at that time - perhaps those more familiar with uniforms, etc, might now.

The next photo is a group photo - think a few people have been cropped out. Judging from the chairs, I want to say that they're likely to be in SE Asia - but that's just a guess. They don't have their hats or weapons and every other group photo I've seen online has everyone looking fairly formal. Also their pockets are triangular rather than straight? Does this look familiar to anyone? Ideas? (Arthur Wilson is on the back row, second from right).

Group photo:


Thanks in advance for any help

Kind regards


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