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Help reading Service Record


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I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me read my relative's service record. So far I've got:

7 Nov 1915 Attested

7 Nov 1915 To Army Reserve

7 Jul 1916 Mobilized

7 Jul 1916 Posted - RGA No.1 Depot

19 Jul 1916 ??? RGA(T)

25 Oct 1917 ??? office

29 Dec 1917 ??? Res ???

21 Jan 1918 ??? Sch Borden

21 Jan 1918 531 Seige

30 Mar 1918 BEF

9 Apr 1918 301 Seige

7 Sep 1918 Died from wounds received in action 106 Field Amb France

Many thanks!


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The BEF bit will be when he went over to France.

301 sge will be the Siege Battery unit he was poted to

Put 301st in Search and you'll pick up previous threads about the unit including one about their Diaries and one (may 08)about a casualty around the same time as yours.


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19 July 1916 Tynemouth RGA(T)

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My attempt:- 19-7-17 TYNEMOUTH;25-10-17 CLEARING OFFICER; 29-12-17 2ND BATT RESERVE BDE;21-1-18 SCHOOL BORDEN. Ralph.

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21/1/18 as there appears to be a "g" and an "e" appearing out of the blob, and given the amount of space available, I'll suggest "Seige School Borden (Camp)". Yours, A.

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As I mentioned on my edit/reply to you on your first post, he was wounded (serious burns from gas)when serving firstly with 186 Sge Bty Oct 1917, evacuated back to England (the ship is named) and then went out to the WF again with 301.

You need to evaluate ALL the pages of his records not just this one, as there is important information that has either faded completely from this sheet or been missed off, and the gaps you seek are all on other sheets.

Rgds Paul

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Hywyn, Piorun, Ralph & Paul,

Thank you so much you've been really helpful.

Paul - you're right, there is much more information in the other sheets, but I was having the most trouble with this one. I can't quite make out the name of the ship he was evacuated in - I'm going to guess "Panama".

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