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Remembered Today:

Three Good Books £7.99


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Whilst in Cambridge last week with an hour to kill I ventured into the Oxfam book shop & found an American First edition 1929 of the story of Submarine S1 "On The Bottom" which was sunk in 1926 following a collision with a Merchant Ship which sliced open her hull sending her & the crew to the bottom~the story follows the subsequent Diving & Salvage on the wreck to recover the Sub & the Crews Bodies.~Priced £2.99!

A sojourn round to the Market & a copy of "The Soldier's War" {WW1 from the perspective of the Tommy},by the author of Harry Patch's Biog, & "Tank" {The History of the RTR 1945~70s} @ £2.50 each {No Haggling!}

All in all a great result & well worth the £5 "day rider" bus fare from Wisbech [it would cost you double that in Petroleum!;without the Parking Fees}


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Same as Hertford's Oxfam, used to use it a lot but afraid I purchase very little in there nowadays!

Anyway, well done Harry, happy reading.



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