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More Findings at Bullecourt

Peter and Ellen

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Whilst in the village of Bullecourt on Friday 24 July, I noticed a small group of locals talking outside a site where a new house is about to be constructed. One of them was Jean Letaille.

Upon enquiring, I was taken into the excavation (cellar) pit for a new house soon to be constructed. There, I was told about several bone pieces, presumed to be human, that had been found during the excavation process. It was said that several scattered bone fragments had been found along with two Lee-Enfield actions and a "British boot". I was told that the Gendarmes had departed shortly before my arrival with the items and that a check around the pit had revealed no other items.

I was shown a tiny fragment of a khaki coloured webbing that remained.

As the excavation work was completed, work is now continuing on the site but the workers are "keeping their eyes open" for anything other items.

Regards, Peter

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