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Hi all,

Hoping someone can advise which H.A.G. 173 HB was attatched to at the end of October 1916 when it went over to France, would like to refer to the HAG diary for more information, thanks a lot,

Regards Keith.

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173rd Heavy went to F & F 31st October'16 and joined 4th Army on the 9th Nov'16.

However, the battery was broken up on arrival with one section posted to 137st Heavy -- 42nd HAG, one section to 150th Heavy -- 62nd HAG and one section to 155th Heavy -- 29th HAG.


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Thank you for your reply, are there diaries for the HAG's, only i've tried searching TNA and cant seem to find any using various search combinations, any advice please,

Regards Keith.

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search with WO 95/ ?? Brigade Garrison Artillery. The Diary for 42nd HAG can be found in WO 95/223. Hope this helps,

cheers, Jon

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29 HAG = WO95/219

62 HAG = WO95/394

137 Hvy Bty = no trace

150 Hvy Bty = WO95/301

155 Hvy Bty = WO95/397 (May 1916-Nov 1917); WO95/4205 (Dec 1917-Jun 1918)

If there is someone or some date you would like looked up in 150 Hvy Bty or 155 Hvy Bty War Diaries let me know as I have both of those war diaries.

Regards, Dick Flory

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