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German Offensive March 1918. Hospital admissions query.


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I am trying to follow events involving my grandfather from the time of the German Offensive 21st March to his death in a Le Treport Hospital on 10th May 1918.

My supposition is that he was either injured when his Artillery Coy was bombed on 25th March near Bucquoy or was gassed/bombed when the Coy had moved back to Essarts on 5th April.

Are there any lists of hospital admissions or a web site where personnel involved are recorded? I know that there were a number of hospitals (6?) at Le Treport included some for Canadians. In the chaos caused by the Offensive would casualties have gone to any hospital even those for the Canadians?

He was with the 42nd East Lancs Division - Gunner in 211th Brigade RFA "D" Battery.

Kevin McGee

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I half expected that there would be nothing found. A lot of Internet searching, by me, produced no mention of admissions, treatment, departures.

Since starting this topic I downloaded a plan of the Hospital Centre (unfortunately I cannot recall or retrace the site). I had not realised that all the Hospitals were in the same compound. The number of Personnel and Administration units makes me think that thorough record keeping was maintained. Wonder whether they were simply destroyed when the Hospital closed down at end of 1918 early 1919?

I have uploaded the original and have reconstructed it to try and improve quality (2 attachments). Some of the text is unreadable on the original so there are some omissions and some quesswork on my reconstruction. I fear that the upload limit will still make the images difficult to decipher.

I found a diary, on line, of a soldier which included his experiences after serious injury in action near Arras during March/April 1918. He had to make his own way back to the Field Hospital and then was taken by road, a rough journey, to Frevent and from there by train to Le Treport. I imagine something similar would have happened to my grandfather as he was injured in Bucquoy area which isn’t too far from Arras.


Kevin McGee

Upload limit meant only the original file was done. The reconstructed one is attached.




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