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Rifle Brigade Casualities


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I am trying to find out more information on:

87 Rifleman George Richardson 1st Battalion Rifle Brigade

Enlisted 4/01/1904

Arrived France 23 August 1914

2nd Ypres battle probably

Honourable discharge 26/11/1915 from Depot

All this from other posts at this site.

Does anyone have any casuality records for 1st rifles?

Can anyone decypher the 'Cause of discharge' codes do get a clue on the severity of wounds?

Does anyone have any medical records for Ypres area?

Data from the site indicated over 75% wounded went back to some service at some point.

I am assuming honourable discharge means he could no longer serve in the army in any capacity?

Discharge from depot, does this mean he might have been sent home and was on some light duties but had to be discharged.

I am trying to fill in the gaps from Aug 14 to his discharge.

Any help is gratefully received.



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There are no casualty returns for the 1st RB, or for that matter any of the Regular battalions of the Rifle Brigade, or none that survive anyway. Some of the Service battalions records do survive, some.

Between Aug 1914 and 31/12/15 there were from the 1st RB alone 45 officers and 1,427 men sent home to the UK sick and wounded, this does not include those men killed in action or reported missing, these figures are from Regimental records. Whenever possible we have been trying to see what can be found out with regard to these men and if you look at the Casualty lists in the other section of the forum you will find lists that have been found in soldiers records, but once again these are and will be nowhere near complete but are very useful, Diane (Bardness) has made a very useful database of the names that appear on the lists found to date.

The code you refer to in the Silver War Badge is the Army Order and Kings Regulation 392 (cause for discharge) and in this case the code xvi denotes no longer physically fit for war service.

Unfortunately the 1st Rifle Brigade's war diary makes note only of how many were killed and wounded in an action or in the day to day events of the war and are not named. Whether it was 2nd Ypres or not will never be known unless a service record survives or you are fortunate enough for his name to pop up in one of the casualty lists being found in soldiers records.

I hope that this helps you a little.


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Found this on The Regimental Warpath website, if it helps (and I haven't got it all wrong)


4th Division, 11th Brigade, 1st Bn Rifle Brigade. 04 Aug 1914 - 11 Nov 1918.

Battle of Le Cateau. 26 Aug 1914.

Affair of Nery. 1 Sep 1914.

Battle of the Marne. 7-10 Sep 1914, including the passage of the Petit Morin and the passage of the Marne.

Battle of the Aisne. 12-15 Sep 1914, including the capture of the Aisne Heights including the Chemin des Dames.

Battle of Messines. 12 Oct-2 Nov 1914.

Battle of Armentieres. 13 Oct-2 Nov 1914, including the capture of Metern.

Battle of St. Julien. 24 Apr-5 May 1915.

Battle of Frezenberg. 8-13 May 1915.

Battle of Bellewaarde. 24-25 May 1915.

The only question remaining regarding the discharge codes is what BI and BII signify. I was wondering if it referred to whether the person was hospitalised but can't find an answer.

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