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Remembered Today:

Spanish Flu - The Forgotten Fallen


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BBC 4 Weds 21.00hrs,then followed by a Documentary entitled "In Search of Spanish Flu".

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At last we've tracked you to your lair

You spiteful little pest.

We know just how and when and where

You make your little nest.

We've penetrated your disguise,

We know your weight and shape and size,

The colour of your hair and eyes

And ugly face unblest.

We'll put you into test tubes till

Your ready for inspection,

And when your brood the glasses fill

We'll make a choice selection.

For some great scientific mind

Experimentally inclined,

Who some new antidote will find

To minimise infection.

So when you once again appear

We'll know just how to meet you;

No more shall we be filled with fear,

With serum we'll defeat you.

Then you will quite as harmless be

As our old friends the gnat and flea,

And as a germ from danger free

We can afford to treat you.

From the Holmfirth Express 1919.


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Thought provoking poem, Tony. Thanks for putting it on here.

Let us treat this topic with respect.


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