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Soldiers Ration Dept


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Hey there everyone!

My GG Grandmother on her wedding certificate listed her occupation as Soldier Ration Dept. THis was in 24th August 1917. Her name was Sybil Theodora Sheldrake, she was living at 79 Vincent street, Poplar, London. I would like to know what this was and what i can find out about her. I find this certificate fascinating, i dont know how common this was but her father and the man she's marrying are both soldiers, i like to look at it as my family doing their bit for the war effort, gives me a sense of national pride from my ancestors.

Anyone who can help push me in the right direction will me much appreciated


Shaun Quinn

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Hello Shaun

Poplar was the home of the War Department Sausage Factory, which employed about 800 workers, mostly female I believe.

As a civilian I doubt that you will be able to find out much more about her service but at least you have a fair idea of what she was doing!

However, someone more knowledgeable that I on women's service matters may be able to give you further help.

Good luck,


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Hey, thanks for replying Ron. Ah i see sausage factory eh, shall have to look into that one.

Thanks again,


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