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Where is Marpent Communal Cemetery?


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Like it says..

I've searched on Google Earth and Geoportal but to no avail. I can see cemeteries around the town but from the look of the map they are cemeteries belonging to nearby towns.

CWGC website is of no use. It just explains where the town is.

Needed for my GPS database of cemeteries.


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I cannot see it in the indexes to Michelin maps 51 & 53 - can you elaborate for the ignorant on where Marpent is?


PS I have now Googled - Wikimapia shows an aerial photo which may help you.

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Welcome on the GWF.

Marpent is a village east of Maubeuge, road D649 to Erquelinnes.


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Thank you Pierre,

I would have asked you in desperation but I had already asked you for information on Leers Communal Cemetery.

Didn't want to be a nuisance! :-)

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