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German Torpedo Boat POW Art...., Project Started...., finally!


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Hello Gentlemen!

Not sure if this is the correct Forum or not, but here goes...

Some of you may have seen this before, but I have finally (after two years) started building a case to house it. Finally got the table saw out. Case is cut out and dry fit. Mortise and tenon joints..., on to finish and assembly...., brass plate and some accoutrements.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, it is an example of German POW Art, made at a British POW Camp. They sold these to the townspeople for canteen money. Yes, they were actually allowed to interact with the locals. It is hand carved and the portholes are old boot eyelets. Came from the attic of an old house located near the camp(?) in the Preston Area of Lancashire. I would think it may be a model of the sailor's ship.

A bit shabbier when I received it, most of the rigging was hanging or gone and several small parts were missing. It was covered with ~75 years of attic dust. All restored now. Oh yes, the torpedo tubes and fore and aft guns all swivel.

On either side of the model are patches that will be displayed. These are actual uniform patches used by crew members. The one to the left is a dress version of the Torpedo Gunner, dated 1896 and the patch to the right is a duty patch of an Explosives Expert. This is the fellow who set the charges to destroy captured vessels. It is dated 1906. Have never seen another.

Appreciate any thought on what 'Type' or 'Class' Torpedo Boat this may represent, realizing of course there were no doubr 'liberties' taken during its construction. To me it looks like a cross between the 1906 and 1911 Classes. http://www.german-navy.de/hochseeflotte/sh...1911/index.html

Thanks for looking!

- Best regards, Mike

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