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Remembered Today:

From licked stamps to ........


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Let's hope it never comes down to this ....... :blink:


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Well I have it on good authority that one of the secret contingent of Scottish Rifles/ Sherwood Foresters/ Munsters/Durham Light Infantry/Dub Fusiliers/Herts/Yorks & Lancs that fought at Fromelles had a passionate love affair with a French maiden. Before the soldier left for the front, he slapped the maiden firmly on her bare a**e as a playful gesture of his affection.

When the soldier failed to return, the maiden swore never to wash her a**e again and has lived by that vow to this very day. The only consolation that the maiden had was to receive a stamped postcard from her lover many weeks after he was already dead proclaiming his undying love. A prized possession along with a smiling photograph of him that she has kept treasured to this very day.

The a**e, stamped postcard and photograph have now been taken into the custody of the MoD contractor for DNA testing.


Parenthesis: If the CWGC can engage in a work of fiction that they expect people to take seriously then so can I. B)

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I read in a textbook of human genetics (on a bookshelf at the Sussex Uni Bookshop, while oh was looking for a book) that the case of Anastasia who claimed to be the one surviving daughter of the Tsar was shown to be false by using the DNA collected off the stamp on a postcard/letter that she had sent.

This being the case, is it possible that a golf hat with hair and skin scales still attached would be sufficient for the SPVA where the end of an mtDNA line had recently deceased ?


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