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13th Essex - Casualties


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On the night of 8th/9th August 1916 the 13th Bn. Essex Regiment attacked enemy positions between Waterlot Farm and Guillemont with heavy losses -

From the war diary -




2nd Lieut E O JOHNSON Wounded (at duty)

13 Other Ranks Killed

60 Do Wounded

13 Do Missing

1 Do Died of Wounds"

Where would the wounded have been treated? Which Field Ambulance, Casualty Clearing Station, etc.? And would it be possible that there would be any records of individuals?



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both Ross and Page are reported as KiA on the 9th along with 29 ORs all KiA with the exception of one who DoW (source - SDGW) I could list the names if need be.

I have a photo of an ADS on the Montauban to Guillemont Road dated 1916 and show Field Ambulances of the 16th (Irish) Division Have you tracked down the divisional FA war diary?


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Soldiers Died shows the following men of the 13th Essex registered as dying on 9th August 1916.


George Harry Thornton Ross, 2/Lt.

Bernard Robert Page, Lt.

Men (number, name, place of birth)

1. 17573 Pte. George Henry Baker, Chelsea, Middlesex

2. 18035 Pt. William Alfred Carrington, Dalston, Middlesex

3. 16199 Pte. David James Carter, Wormingford, Essex

4. 21432 Pte. John Reginald Chaplin, Leytonstone, Essex

5. 19347 Pte. John Charles, Poplar, Middlesex

6. 18329 Pte. Ernest William Cook, Ivenhoe, Bucks

7. 18296 Pte. William Cooper, Stratford, Essex

8. 17219 A/L/Cpl. Reuben John Corner, Plaistow, Essex (Died of Wounds)

9. 17997 A/C.S.M. Charles Henry Dean, Highgate, Middlesex

10. 18041 Pte. Edward James Debuse, Bethnal Green, Middlesex

11. 18088 L/Cpl. Edward Christopher Garner, Stoke Newington, Middlesex

12. 16429 Pte. William Arthur Gunn, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex

13. 17381 Pte. Alfred George Harris, West Ham, Essex

14. 18154 Pte. Henry Hawkins, Clerkenwell, Middlesex

15. 17846 Pte. Joseph Bertie Jolley, Plaistow, Essex

16. 18048 L/Cpl. Edgar Lixenfield, Mile End, Middlesex

17. 21334 Pte. William Lumb, Bethnal Green, Middlesex

18. 17514 L/Cpl. William James Marsh, Wellington, Somerset

19. 18450 Pte. Frederick Martin, Hoxton, Middlesex

20. 17460 Pte. George Meddings, Hoxton, Middlesex

21. 17977 L/Cpl. William North, Stockton-On-Tees

22. 18635 Pte. Thomas William Rugless, Homerton, Middlesex

23. 17637 A/L/Cpl. Victor Herbert Scott, Walthamstow, Essex

24. 18148 Pte. Charles Joseph Smith, Limehouse, Middlesex

25. 17464 Pte. Richard Robert Smith, Bethnal Green, Middlesex

26. 18459 Pte. David Bloxam Tettmar, Stratford, Essex

27. 18870 Pte. Ernest Victor Thorogood, Stebbing, Essex

28. 19036 Pte. Ernest Weeden, Walthamstow, Essex

29. 18020 A/Sgt. Charles Henry Westoby Blackfriars, Middlesex

These names appear in the Times of 12-9-1916 as Killed:


which may mean the 60 men that were wounded are these that appear further down the article:


Further research of the wounded list would be required, of course...


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The key to finding out the medical units at work will be the war diary of the division's Assistant Director Medical Services, held at the National Archives at Kew. He would have been responsible for deploying the Field Ambulances [which had begun pooling resources by this stage of the war], his war diary should include the locations of the posts and the CCSs to which they would evacuate.

From here you can track down the medical units war diaries [again at Kew], but these are generally light on detail of the names of casualties dealt with. A small number of admission and discharge books have been preserved at the National Archives [in series MH106] but the emphasis is on small! A list of those available has been posted on the forum in the past.



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Thanks for all the replies.

Steve, I had previously gone through that list and those that I could identify were all 13th Bn. One of the men on that wounded list is 17674 L-Sgt. Arthur Tom Salmon, a man I am researching.

John/Ali, Thanks for the tips, I'll have to try and track down the medical units war diaries then. Any bit of information, no matter how light on detail may be useful.

Thanks again chaps.



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