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Pre war Diarys

Richard Matlock

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Hello all

Very quick question , did regiments keep a diary pre war ? if so where would these be and do they have much info in them as i am looking to find an officers movemnents from 1909 until 1914, any advice greatly acepted

Thanks Rich M :blink::ph34r:

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Hello Rich

The short answer is No, at least in the sense of the War Diaries kept in the Great War. These were an innovation of the Haldane reforms of 1908 onwards, and were only kept by units etc from the date of embarkation for overseas active (not simply garrison) service. Even in WW1, there are very few diaries for units which stayed in the UK.

Regiments would have kept their own records of service and those which have survived will be either with the (successor) regiments or with their museums.

There are a number of Muster Rolls, mainly from the early 19th century, in the earlier WO classes at Kew, and from memory there are details of movements of regiments in either WO379 or WO380. From 1860 onwards there are quarterly lists of the distribution of regiments in WO73.

All of these classes are in the National Archives at Kew but I don't think they are available online: a personal visit to Kew is necessary.

However, for an officer's movements during the period you quote your best bet is to find a library (the central library in Leicester? Leicester University?) which has a set of the relevant Monthly Army Lists. There is also a set at Kew.


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Thanks , looks like a trip to the Lancashire fusiliers museum again for me

Rich M :blink::ph34r:

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