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Liverpool Cotton Association


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Last week I visited Liverpool for a family wedding which took place at the Cotton Exchange. I am wondering has any research been carried out on the large list of names on the plaque commemorating the men of the Liverpool Cotton Association who lost their lives in the Great War?



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Just go ahead and fill your boots - does it really matter what has been done so far - you will bring your own way of doing things to the task!

Many of them are Liverpool Pals by the way.


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I am interested to see that there is a plaque with the names of the fallen, which I assume is near 'Tommy' as the statue was known. [Probably still without a bayonet, often stolen over the years.]

In the mid-1960s the Liverpool Cotton Association sold their building to developers, retaining a tenancy of certain parts for their own use. The classical frontage of the building [dated from 1906] was destroyed, and the developers 'put aside' the plaques bearing the names, which had been part of the colonnade, for possible re-siting in or near the new frontage. Many panels had been broken during their removal, and they were photographed in their poor state and later disposed of. I made a new list from those photographs and cross-checked it against the annual membership lists of the Liverpool Cotton Association for the war years, which included a roll of the fallen members, and as far as I can remember, others who were associated with the Cotton market [i.e.employees, rather than bosses].

From the revised list, a calligrapher was commissioned to create a roll of honour which was framed and hung in the Association's offices within the Cotton Exchange building - in the part which had not been redeveloped. 'Tommy' was once on a taller pinth, but was lowered so that he could be seen from Old Hall Street. I have not been to look lately, so am not aware of any possible later moves.

At that time no attempt was made to explore the service or other details of those named on the memorial, but there should be some clues in the annual membership lists which were then retained at the Association's offices. The LCA now functions under the title 'International Cotton Association'.

Good luck if you take it on!


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"Tommy" (minus bayonet) faces the plaques and all seems rather hidden which is a shame. I have a photo which is too large to post here but I will try this photo bucket place and add a link if I suceed.



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