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Funny, I've had so much trouble looking for RNR #1601 Patrick J. Boland's information and I just Googled his name and found out that my provincial archives had 34 pages of war-related documents! One of these documents are a coded/decoded telegram related to his death. Could anyone tell me:

1. What was the basis of the code?

2. What does the word 'Synoptical' denote?

3. He served in the Royal Canadian Regiment as a Lance Corporal prior to the start of WW1. Anyone have a thought on why he would have left for the RNR? I know from old papers that he left Halifax and returned to Newfoundland in 1914, but wouldn't he have been recalled to the RCR first?

thanks to all,


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I'd guess synoptical comes from synopsis, a short summary of a long document. A precis.


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