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Inniskilling Fusiliers Qualifying Date.

Spud Trevor

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Could somebody please explain, I'm a little confused with a MIC for this Enniskillen soldier. He was killed in 1918 with the 6th Bn.

His MIC shows a qualifying date of 2/11/1914 and that he was entitled to the 1914 star, however, I can't seem to find a battalion which went overseas on this date (looking at British Regiments - EA James).

I do see the date 2/11/1914 mentioned (as I understand it) as the date which UVF battalions were incorporated into brigades within the Ulster division. Is this what the qualifying date on the MIC refers to ?

Have I missed a battalion landing overseas on 2/11/1914 or is there some other interpretation to this qualifying date ?

As a final confusing point, there are some service records on ancestry, for a William Kettles, which show some correlation with the CWGC details for this man, but many other discrepancies.

Any help appreciated,



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Thanks Jon,

I didn't think of the most obvious answer, I must admit I'd not considered reinforcements so early in the war. I presume that means he had not joined up on commencement of the war, ie sent overseas after only a couple of months training ?



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