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Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to park this, but here goes:

My grandfather was one of many observant Jews who fought in the Prussian Army in the Great War. Given he was Orthodox, I was wondering if he (and other Orthodox Jews) used or carried tefillin, yarmulke or other religious articles with them while on the front? Are there books on this subject I might consult?

I have seen photos of Rabbis, and Yom Kippur observances in the Great war but thus far no photos of Orothodox Prussian soldiers engaged in prayer, if such exist.

Thanks in advance for any feeback and guidance.


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I've definitely seen a photograph of German Jewish soldiers celebrating Hannukah, gathered around a menorah; can't remember if they had any other religious kit with them, but a multiple-socket candelabra doesn't exactly fit in a pocket, so I suspect they had it stored away, possibly with other kit.

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I've also seen the photo referred to by Rob and I'm sure that it was on this website, so a search on 'German Jews' or 'German Jewish Soldiers' or some variation may find it.

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