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Scottish Rifles shoulder titles in WW1


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Hello, Would anyone know what the Scottish Rifles ( The Cameronians ) metal shoulder titles looked like in WW1 ? My Grand Father served in the Scottish Rifles during the Great War, my father served in Scottish Rifles ( The Cameronians ) during the Second World War. I now live in Australia and its quite hard to get information on this subject. I am making a medal frame of my grand fathers war service and want to make sure I get the right shoulder titles. Can someone let me know where I can purchase these WW1 shoulder titles please, for the frame.

Many thanks Stuart

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The Scottish Rifles wore a brass metal title with the letters 'SR' on it. The brass was usually blackened, but often the soldiers polished them up. The Territorial battalions wore a title which looked the same, but with the addition of the Battalion number and the letter T above ie, 'T/5/SR' etc {however, not all Territorials would have these issued during the war, and so would wear just the plain 'SR' title}.

In 1921 the shoulder title became a blackened brass, curved 'Cameronians'. Later this would also be made as a cloth shoulder title.



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SR [blackened], issued in two sizes, the larger size worn on the greatcoat.

Replaced by CAMERONIANS [blackened] in 1921.

The territorial battalions had their own shoulder titles.

Source, Collecting Metal Shoulder Titles, by Ray Westlake.

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Hello, Thankyou to both of you for the information, now I have to try to find them..

All the best.. Stuart

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