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My Grandfather was in the RAMC (as a Ward Orderly I guess). He spent most of his service time in WW1 in Malta (getting there via India). As I can't find out what he was attached to (other than being in the RAMC) I was wondering if his uniform can tell anything to those that are specialists in uniforms etc. I have attached a couple of photos which I believe were taken around about the same time ut show two different uniforms. Is one the hot weather uniform (if there was such a thing)?

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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The British Army did indeed have tropical weather uniforms ... they were made of khaki drill cloth. Your man in the first photo is wearing one. The belts he and the other men are wearing make me think these photos are pre-war, though, although the man on the right in bottom picture looks to be wearing the wartime economy service dress tunic with no pocket pleats ... I'm puzzled.

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The first photo shows your Gdad wearing a Khaki Drill uniform intended for Hot Climates.

He is actually wearing a "Simplified" KD Frock (UK Pattern vice Indian Pattern)-This came out in 1915 which would date the photo no earlier than Summer of 1915.

Both photos could very well have been taken in Malta.

It was very common in Theatres like Salonika, Egypt, and possibly Malta to have a summer and winter issue.

In the above theatres KD was issued in summer and SD was issued in winter.

The belts are Slade Wallace types commonly worn well into the War but l;ong since obsolete.

Joe Sweeney

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Thanks for the info. Nothing ever seems to have a simple answer. I have some other pictures of my Grandad in the "Winter" uniform. However, one shows "shiny" (presumably brass) buttoms and another shows dull buttons. In all other espects the unforms seem the same (to me). So far then it looks like I've got pictures of him in at least 3 different uniforms. Was this normal at that time? I'll post these other pictures as soon as I can but I'm off to Malta on holiday on Tuesday and things are sort of hectic at the moment.


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