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Need Help: Can't find any information on soldier

big stu

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I have a photograph of one of my long-dead relatives in the uniform of the Royal Flying Corps. I wish I knew how to attach it to this post, it would make things a lot easier. I understand it was taken about 1918. He bares no rank just the Royal Flying Corps patch on each shoulder. The uniform is the typical "maternity jacket" issued to other ranks. He is also wearing the RFC other ranks side cap, but you can't quite see the cap badge. The image looks authentic and certainly the family history says this chap served in the Great War as a grounds crewman working on British planes in France.

Trouble is I can't find anything about this young chap. Not even his service number.

The only details I have are:

Name: Robert Cranston

DOB: 6 August 1899

Place: 23 Hardgate Street, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland

After the War he emigrated to Australia in 1920 and continued to work on planes in Papua New Guinea when it was still a territory administered by the Australian Government.

Can anyone help?

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Have you tried reading the research guide on the flying services, available at the National Archives website? Being born in 1899 Robert is likely to have served late in the war and you will probably find his record in the Royal Air Force collections. They are, as the guide will tell you, not online but are held at the Archives.

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This is the picture Stu wanted posted


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