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PH Gas Helmet Question

john in minnesota

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A question for the gasmask experts: I have two different styles of carry bag for the PH helmet (or maybe not); one has 2 seperate pockets under the main flap while the other just has one main pocket. Are these simply variations or is one for a different mask? JOhn

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Here is an extract from a Second Army signal regarding the 'return of surplus P.H.G. or P.H. helmets when the small box respirator is issued'.

'It is found that the old pattern satchel is not large enough to contain a helmet and a pair of rubber sponge goggles whereas the new pattern has two compartments and is specially made to contain both appliances.

Will you therefore please arrange that when units return P.H.G. or P.H. helmets on receipt of the small box respirators, they should as far as possible retain the new type of satchel and return the old pattern..."

The signal is dated 17 October 1916.

I seem to recall that the satchel with divider was around as early as May 1916.

Chris Henschke

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Thank you Chris! that's what I was after. John

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