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laugh.gif Being a newcomer to this site I posted this appeal in the wrong "Topic Title" so I will try again.
Whilst researching a W W I Casualty my daughter and I discovered that he died in 1918 in Grosvenor Crescent London we later discovered that this was a private military for officers established by Lady Northcliffe, wife of Lord Northcliffe founder of what is now Associated Newspapers Ltd. Press cuttings provided by the Daily Mail refer to:-
(1) "Pall Mall Gazette, 1918" - "Lady Northcliffe's charming establishment overlooking the grounds of Mortimer House" - Where is,or was, Mortimer House?
(2) "Evening News 1963" ( The Obituary of Lady Hudson, as she was then) quotes "She conducted her own hospital for wounded officers at Sutton Place".
(3) A biography "NORTHCLIFFE : Press Baron in Politics" quotes "Northcliffe visited the hospital established by his wife at Sutton Place"
The British Red Cross later confirmed from an official list of hospitals that "Northcliffe Hospital (Lady), 14 Grosvenor Crescent, SW (London) had twenty beds for Officers and was affiliated to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Millbank.
It appears that the hospital was active in Grosvenor Crescent Between 1917 and 1919 when it closed.
So I am tearing my hair out trying to ascertain where Sutton Place and Mortimer House were. The only Sutton Place that I can find is in the Borough opf Hackney but Hackney Archives have no record of a Northcliffe Hospital (Lady or otherwise)
existing in Hackney during W W I.
Can anybody help please?

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Sutton Place was the country house of Lord & Lady Norcliffe so I guess that she had her hospital there. It is a few miles from Guildford in Surrey.

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I suspect it's the same Sutton Place where John Paul Getty spent his latter years. It's near Woking

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Thanks for your interest. I followed up Pondman's reply and contacted the Surrey History Centre who, after considerable research confirmed that the Northcliffe's were tenants at Sutton Place during the period 1900-1919 but there was no reference in any local publication or press of an emergency war hospital being established at Sutton Place; also nobody, the Surrey History Centre or any of the major London Archives has any idea of where or what Mortimer House was whose grounds the hospital was said to be overlooking.

I have gone back to Associated Newspapers to ask whether all the press reports referring to Sutton Place as a hospital were a deliberate ruse to detract attention away from Grosvenor Crescent, London where we know that there was a Lady Northcliffe Hospital active from 1917 to 1919 when it closed.

If I solve the mystery I will come back just in case anybody else gets caught up in the Sutton Place affair

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