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Abbreviation help please


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Hi everyone

I have the following from a pension record for Thomas Eversham of the 1/1 Herefords and wonder if someone can tell me what the following extract means please?

Embarked BEF 17/6/18

23/7/18 06 Unit Wounded Field 23/7/18

25/7/18 Gassed Field 24/7/18

23/7/18 6 Gen Hosp Gas sh SW Rouen 25/7/18

MLO to England per Warilda 29/7/18

I understand the first date given is the date of the communication that was sent/filled out, and the second date is when the "event" actually occurred but what is puzzling me is "Wounded", then "Gassed" and then "Gas sh SW". Presumably gas shell, but what's SW? Surely not "surface wound" if he was gassed? Also, what's MLO stand for?

Finally, where were the Herefords at the time Thomas Eversham was gassed?

Many thanks!


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I believe it should be interpreted as "Gas Shell" - as in gas from a shell rather than "cloud" gas.

The MLO line is talking about his evacuation to England aboard the hospital ship "Warilda".

The "06 Unit" should be O.C. unit = Officer Commanding of the Unit.

EDIT: Sorry, MLO = Medical Liason Officer.


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Sounds like poor old Tom caught a double whammy from that shell then!!

Thank you very much for your help Charles and Steve! Bit more of the jigsaw put together now!


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