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RAF FS Publications and forms

Guest aircraftclocks

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Guest aircraftclocks

When the RAF was formed all the books and forms were prefixed FS.

I have located a number of RAF publications that are not AP's (Air Publications) but FS (?). I am pretty sure they are not Royal Aircraft Factory publications as the date of one is 5/18, a date after the Royal Aircraft Factory was renamed the Royal Aircraft Establishment, so as to avoid confusion with the then newly formed Royal Air Force as of 1 April 1918.

I have also found that a number of these publications were renamed to AP's about a year later with several having a stamped correction on the front cover.

I assume that what ever FS stands for was following an Army publication scheme at the time?

I also assume that RAF publications were initially issued as FS publications for a period of time before breaking from the army scheme to its own unique system.

Does anyone know what the prefix stood for in publications or forms?

If required I can post examples of what I mean.

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hi chum,

i have a early RAF pamplt myself, entitled 'Bringing down your hun'. The pamphlet is dated April or May 1918, and is also an FS document. I assume the FS to stand for 'field service'.

Hope this helps!


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