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It is indeed a fascinating subject and as i live in the area have been loking into the history a little bit recently. The Queen's visit in August 1916 was reported in the local paper (the Hackney and Kingsland Gazette) and described the shrines (it looks like they started being put up in about April 1916)

"They are attached to private houses and consist of framed parchments bearing the names of all the men in the respective roads who have joined His Majesty's Forces since the commencement of the war. Each Roll of Honour is surmounted by a wooden cross and underneath is an appropriate prayer whilst on either side are vases containing fresh flowers. It is a noteworthy fact, by the way, that although thefts of flowers in the East End are somewhat common, not one of these blooms has been stolen during the four months they have been displayed.

The cost of the Rolls of Honour and of the maintenance of the flowers is entirely borne by the people in the streets, and on Sunday afternoons the clergy, choir and members of the Cadet Corps visit the roads and hold intercessory services there"

None of the streets that are mentioned in the 1916 report have survived redevelopment but it may be possible to get any idea of what they looked like from a memorial that survived fairly close by in Cyprus Street being turned into a permanent memorial after the war


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worked 'Norf' of the Thames for 30+ years and was not aware of this! Must pay it a call, thanks for posting it!

Regards and best wishes,


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