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For those who want to visit a WW1-website that's no longer online, there's Waybackmachine. Type in the url you've always wanted to visit, and there you go!

It helped me to find back aok4.com about old German cemeteries, but ofcourse there's many more lost websites waiting to be re-discovered.


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This is wonderful - I've found the original Silent Cities website - www.silentcities.co.uk


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A useful site; for those who use Firefox as their browser (the same may work in Internet Explorer) you can set up a button for a bookmark/favorite where the location is:

java script:%20location.href%20=%20"http://web.archive.org/web/*/"+location.href

When you get to a page that is "under reconstruction", clicking on the button looks up an old version in the web archive.



Edit: in the above there is is no space between "java" and "script", but the editor insists on there being one!

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