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5th Londons transferred to 18th Londons

Guest webpositionexpert

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Guest webpositionexpert

Hi there

This is my first time posting on this forum and I hope that someone will please be able to help me.

I am researching my family tree and discovered that my great grandfather served in WW1.

His name was Frederick John Timpson.

I have found a medal card for him that states he was in the

5th London Regiment (No 5584)

and the 18th London Regiment (No 608550)

From one bit of research I discovered that with his Regt No for the 5th, it is likely he joined between end of August and end September 1916.

I know that he survived the war as well

This is what i found in the National Archive website -

Description Medal card of Timpson, Frederick J

London Regiment 5584 Private

London Regiment 608550 Private

Date 1914-1920

Catalogue reference WO 372/20

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can be reached at simon@webpositionexpert.com

Thank you

Simon Skinner

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The second number 608550 was a result of the re-numbering of the Infantry Territorial Force from March 1 1917. Whether your man was already in the 18 Battalion under his first number to that point,having transferred from the 5th at some stage, I cannot say.

It might be that he was wounded whilst with the 5th and returned when fit to the next necessary posting,the 18th.


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Hi Simon

from the medal rolls he arrived in France on 15.12.16 and presumably joined the 2nd Battalion soon after it arrived in Jan 17 because he transferred to 18th on 29.1.18 when the 2nd was disbanded. He may have joined 1st Battalion and transferred to 2nd later but did not return to UK wounded or sick in 17 or 18. I am reasonably sure he was captured during the 1st week on the german Offensive in late Jan 18. I would say he joined up Spring/summer 16; my grandfathers number is not too far away and he was on a draft in Dec 16 as well


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