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Remembered Today:

Edward Lowe


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Edward Lowe was kill in action on 22/10/14 and has a plaque at La Touret Cemitry. He Reg No was 6508, during the same battle that he died his brother Horald Lowe same Reg was badly wounded (I have Harold's army records)

I can find no other records of my Great uncle at the GRO or on internet

so I have two questions

(1) where do I go from here?

(2) I am planing to vist the battle field around La touret Memoral in early July 09

where he was killed and his brother Harold was wounded, near or in the village of violaines. I belive it was refered to as the battle of La Bassee

does any one know if there any evedence or preserved sites left of the battlefield to

left to visit. any other place of interest to see there

Thank you Tony Lowe

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Welcome to the Forum.

The Battle of Le Bassee has a page here:


Edward has no known grave and is remembered on a panel of the Le Touret Memorial.

I took a look in my copy of Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide for La Bassee and there isn't a great deal to tell of what is surviving from the battlefield,as far as I could see.

For some detail on the battle the 1 Cheshire's War Diary is at Kew under WO95/1571,and this will give the day-to-day positions of the unit,and maybe a map to help you zero in one where it all happened.

You are in luck as I go to Kew this week and will take a look in the Diary at the few days before and on the 22 Oct 1914 to give you a bit more to go on,time permitting.


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Hi Tony

This Battalion was the one my grandfather was in and I am currently working on a website to commemorate all of the fallen from the original 1st Bn. Any information you would like to share about Edward would be greatly appreciated.

Here's is Edward's entry on the wall at Le Touret. I was there last November 11th to pay my respects. My great uncle (2nd Leics) is also buried in the graveyard at Le Touret.

I also have the War Diary for this period if you would like to see it - if so, send me a PM.



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i am unable to send you a Pm, as i haven't been a member long enough. I'd be very interested in seeing the diaries, Edward was one of four brother in the army, Three of which were also in the Cheshire regiment, Jeremiah Lowe and Harold lowe. And John Francis Lowe was in the royal field Artillary. He was promoted to a leiutenant at the battle of the Somme.

Edward Lowe was Born in Nantwich, Crewe, Cheshire in 1884. I have a little information about the battles ect and a photo, but not seen the war diaries.

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It is good that you can get to see the War Diary copy as held by Graham,so I will take it off my list for this week !


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Hi Tony

My transcription of the War Diary is too big to attach to this post, and I can't PM you either until you have posted some more!!!

In the meantime here are the days of the action around La Bassee, although of course Edward would already have been in action during the rearguard action at Audregnies, and like my grandfather been one of the 206 (out of 961) who answered roll call on the evening of 24 August.


13 October: FESTUBERT

4.45 a.m. ‘A’ Coy made dawn attack on RUE D’OUVERT without success, casualties Major Vandeleur, 2nd Scottish Rifles, Major Young, Captain Harbord, D.S.O., Lieut. Harrington, 2nd Lieut Thomas, 55 N.C.O.s & men missing, 8 N.C.O.s & men wounded.

Took up position with remainder of Battalion on the FESTUBERT – LAQUINQUE Road and entrenched. Battalion on outpost duty at night – captured 2 Uhlans.

CAPTAIN SHORE took over command of the Battalion.

14 October: Remained in same position – 2 men wounded – Battalion on outpost duty at night – Enemy’s night attack repulsed.

15 October: Remained in same position – Enemy shelled position, especially machine guns, and ‘B’ Company’s trenches – 12 N.C.O.s & men wounded.

16 October: 3.0 p.m. Battalion advanced in direction o RUE D’OUVERT, found village unoccupied. At 8 p.m. advanced to RUE DU MARAIS. ½ ‘A’ Company advanced along VIOLAINES ROAD & came into touch with enemy patrol. Enemy opened fire which was returned.

CAPTAIN MAHONY took over command of Battalion and brought up 2/Lieuts Napier, May, Woodhead, Carr, Anderson and 248 reinforcements.


12.30 a.m. ‘A’ Company returned to billets in RUE DU MARAIS 12.30 a.m. 3 platoons of ‘C’ Company under Captain Lloyd advanced along LORGIES ROAD to obtain touch with D.C.L.I. 400 yds down road met strong German Patrol. Enemy opened fire which was returned. Captain Lloyd with his men turned German patrol out of their trenches.

1.30 a.m. One Company (‘A’ Company) sent out in support to ‘C’ Company but could not obtain communication with them. Captain Lloyd (wounded) with 3 wounded men returned about 6 a.m. made an attack with D.C.L.I. in direction of VOILAINES twice, but were repulsed on each occasion. Held RUE DY MARAIS for remainder of the day.

Casualties: Captain Lloyd wounded, 2/LIEUT NAPIER missing, 1 man killed and 3 men wounded.

6.15 p.m. Occupied VOILAINES and entrenched NORTH and EAST and SOUTH EAST.

18 October: VOILAINES

Held VOILAINES with D.C.L.I. on left and NORFOLKS on right were heavily shelled. 1man killed, 17 wounded. 2/Lieut NAPIER rejoined. Battalion on outposts

19 October: 10.0 a.m. Attempted to occupy LA BASSEE, and came under heavy fire of each arm. Finally entrenched 450 yds in front of former positions.

Casualties: 2/Lieut. Andrews, 2/Lieut. Sidebotham, 2/Lieut Napier wounded, 9 men killed, 20 wounded. Battalion on outposts

20 October: Held VOILAINES, artillery shelled LA BASSEE. Battalion on outposts.

2/Lieut MAY, 2/Lieut ADDISON wounded, 3 men killed, 24 men wounded. 3 p.m. German attack repulsed. Battalion on outposts.

21 October: 9.30 a.m. Again attacked LA BASSEE without success. Came under heavy shell fire. 1 machine gun out of action. Battalion on outposts.

Casualties: CAPTAIN MAHONY wounded, 3 men killed, 6 wounded. Battalion on outposts. ‘B’ Company went into billets.

Captain Shore took over command of the Battalion.

22 October: 5.10 a.m. Enemy made heavy attack, and took the trenches at the point of the bayonet. Battalion retired to RUE DU MARAIS under very heavy fire. Manchesters came up in support.

8.0 p.m. Battalion withdrawn and went in bivouac at last E of RUE DE BETHUNE.

Casualties: Captains Shore, Rich, Hartford, 2/Lieuts Atkinson, Leicester, Greenhalgh missing, Captain Forster, 18 N.C.O.s & men wounded, 200 N.C.O.s & men missing including Sergeant Major.

CAPTAIN MAHONY died in hospital. Lieut. T L Frost took over command of the Battalion.

23 October: RUE DE BETHUNE

Battalion went into billets about 3 p.m. Battalion went into reserve at 5 p.m. in second E of BETHUNE.

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