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Swagger Stick

Guest dannad

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My Great Uncle Thomas Ritchie enlisted with the Prince Consort's Own in London at the outbreak of war. He was from Langholm, Dumfriesshire, and his number was Z/2960. According to his medal rolls he served in the 2nd, 9th & 16th Rifle Brigade and would have been at Aubers Ridge (Rouges Bancs) with the 2nd RB.

My eldest brother inherited Tom's "Death Penny" and also a swagger stick we know absolutely nothing about. What I am trying to ascertain is whether or not Thomas Ritchie would have been issued a swagger stick, and if so, what it would have looked like - specifically what lettering would be on the head piece.

The stick in question is 26.5" long, with a still flexible, black painted wooden body and silver head and end caps. The head cap has a crown and below that it says "Waterloo" and "Rifle Brigade" (in a circular configuration) in raised letters. I have taken pictures if anyone is interested.

My desire for it to have belonged to my Great Uncle is fanciful, but you never know - so I'm hoping someone might be able to help identify it.

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dannad ,

It is a private purchase stick , probably bought by your uncle , there are many variations of the badge on the top , some more elaborate than others .

You may find a silver hallmark on it somewhere to date it . Most just had a badge on the top but no regiment desigantion .


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