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44 Company AOC / IMP School of Instruction


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A fellow I am researching had a period with the Army Ordnance Corps before being transferred to the 38th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers. He was Jewish.

The entry on the medal roll is intriguing me.

It says:

"44 Company AOC

I.M.P. School of Instruction"

I can not tell whether these are two separate things or whether they are one or connected.

Any information about 44 Company or what I.M.P. School of Instruction was would be most welcome.

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I'm still struggling with this. Can't find the explanation of the abbreviation anywhere.

Now searching for men with nearby numbers, I came across this AOC reference. Does it shed any light on what I.M.P. is? What is Ind in an AOC context - industrial?


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I think that it is the Imperial School of Instruction at Ziatoun in Egypt. This makes sense in that 38 RF served in Egypt and Palestine. Whether 44 Coy AOD was attached to the School or that he was subseuqently posted to the latter is inclear.

Charles M

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