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military medal card help

andrew pugh

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Good evening All.

Thats it!I have just run out of patients.Help required please. I have been trying to get on to the medal index cards section for the Military Medal of a soldier I am researching on the N/A what a nightmare.

Im trying to get the M.M. index card for George, Dyer. Private, "C" company 33036/670777 of the 8th Bn Leicstershire Regiment who was awarded the M.M.in the field in June 1917 about the 16th of that month. with the hope of trying to find out what deed he did to be awarded the medal,George Dyer won the award with another fella called J,W, Briggs also from "C" company he was awarded the M.M.and the D.C.M and was killed 4 months later.George survived the war.

I am trying to put a portfolio together for my friends father who still has the medal and the original citation given by the Corps Commander,Im trying to convince him to donate them to the regimental museum so they dont end up on E bay.

I have a copy of the war diary for that month but it doesnt say what he did. and there is no mention in his service records

and no mention in the Gazzette. The story goes that he had to be forced by his family to go to the town hall to receive the medal. Hope I havnt bored you folks too much.

Best Regards Andy

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The MiC for the MM will not have details of the Citation; MM citations are for the most part unpublished in the LG or recorded in War Diaries;etc;,The MiC {MM} will just record the LG date LG issue number the Battalion{Infantry}/Company{Corps} & his Rank Number & Name,it was for reference purposes for the AMO @ the time,even Service Records dont usually carry details,scant regard seems to have been paid to ORs in this respect & few records of Citations exist the most likely place to locate one is from the contemporary Local Papers where he hailed from,as press releases of the time {in some cases} gave a brief "Citation" of sorts

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This is his MM card. They are NOT on Ancestry, because Ancestry never had access to the originals to scan them.

Description Medal card of Dyer, G

Corps Regiment No Rank

Leicestershire Regiment 33036 Private

Date 1914-1920

Catalogue reference WO 372/23


The card will only confirm his battalion and the Gazette date.

London Gazette entry from the LG of 16-8-1917

33036 Pte. G. Dyer, Leic. R.


"The Tigers" by Matthew Richardson mentions the awards to Dyer and Briggs on page 188, but it is only the War Diary extract that you already have.


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my friends father who still has the medal and the original citation given by the Corps Commander,

Andy does not the Original citation help in anyway?


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That sounds like a Divisional/Corps Gallantry/Reward Card;rather than a Citation

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Harry i agree, it does sound like a Divisional/Corps Card, but Andy did say Citation.


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Hi Guys.

Thank you all very much for you replies on this.I think the card is what you say it is a div/ corps card.Once again thank you all.

Regards Andy

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