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Service History - Frederick Hames


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Please can anyone point me in the right direction for the service history of my paternal grandfather Frederick Hames Regimental No. 1970, Royal Lancashire Regiment. I have photographs of his war medals and have found the card for them but have drawn a complete blank regarding his service history. He survived the war and died in 1967.

Thank you in anticipation.

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Have you tried looking for his service records on Ancestry. There are are a couple of entries for Frederick Walter Hames. Was your Grandfathers middle name Walter?

Hope this might have been some help to you.

Regards Mark.

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Yes Mark I have checked those entries on Ancestry, it was the first thing I did. I found his medal records but not his service records.

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The Long Long Trail might help a bit ! There are a few numbers on the MIC,the two for the Royal Lancaster R seem to indicate that he was in the 1/5 Battalion as it is shown to have landed in France in Feb 1915,which ties in with the date on the bottom of the MIC. Later,in 1917, the 1/5 TF soldiers were re-numbered,and the second number of 240441 was allocated to the 5th Battalion. Whether your man was in the 1/5 all of that time I can't say,but someone here might be able to. He had transferred to the RE at some time and again has two numbers, WS/176155 and 427906. The latter,again in the 1917 re-numbering, equates to the 2nd West Lancs Field Company,later to become 420 Field Company operating in Salonika.

These are just a few pointers which may or may not get you up and running a bit more fully,as might these refs from the LLT which you can read for yourself:





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Thanks Sotonmate, you have explained all that very well. I wondered what all the extra numbers were on the MIC and I have now read the aticles you mentioned on the LLT.


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