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Remembered Today:

Sair Thochts o' The Somme


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Perhaps the following may be of some interest, especially to our Scots pals;

Sair Thochts o' The Somme

Yon Thiepval's tower;

an' Caribou;

the Diggers' granite mark;

the Windmill,

an' the wee bronze tanks;

cauld High Wood's shattered birks;

there, wander fading memories

o'er ninety lang years on,

for Scotland must na' e'er forget

the laddies wha' are gone.

The kirk at Contalmaison

wi' the cornfield crowdin' by;

a widden bench frae Wille Bauld's

an' oor Saltire breezin' high;

The Cutting in this wee bit toun

whaur the 16th Royal Scots died;

there, Reason cries the laddies' names -

but Echo answers, "Why?"

Noo, silent, ruckit

sandstone stands

as strang as were oor men.

It's a' that Reason has tae show -

or ever will, forbye.


November 2008

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