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2/1st Northumberland Battery & A/315 Brigade RFA

cliff brown

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Looking for information on 2/1st Northumberland Battery RFA, which became A Battery 315 Brigade in May 1916. Does anyone know anything about the raising of this battery, where it served etc between 1914 and end of 1917?

Edited: I now know the brigade served with the 63rd (Royal Naval Division) from July 1916 to Feb 1917, then it became 315 Army Field Artillery Brigade, Third Army.


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Hello Cliff,

The 2/1st Northumberland Bty, RFA (not RGA) was formed in 1914 (I don't have the exact date) at 2nd Line to the 1st Northumberland Bty, RFA. This was a RFA Bty in the TF, part of the 1st Northumbrian Bde, RFA, originating from the 3rd Northumberland Artillery Volunteer Corps and 2nd Newcastle-on-Tyne Artillery Volunteer Corps formed in 1865 and 1860, respectively.

According to the information on the LLT itself, the brigade was part of the 63rd (2nd Northumbrian) Division from its formation until May 1916. I might check the Order of Battle of Divisions for more details, but will not have access today. Perhaps someone else might give a helping hand?

best regards,


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Many thanks and well spotted about my RFA instead of RGA error. A case of fat fingers!

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Hello Cliff

I can't give you exact dates, but I have the following for its attachment to various armies:

March 1917 Fifth

Apil First

July Second

Nov Fifth

Feb 1918 Fifth

May Third, till the end of the war.

So it was involved at Vimy Ridge/Arras and the whole of Third Ypres in 1917, and ont the northern Somme/Arras area again in 1918.


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