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‘Aquila’ - cavalry officer with 2nd Cavalry Division

J Banning

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Many memoirs were written using pseudonyms, most of whom are known to us now. However, I have been reading extracts from a book entitled ‘With The Cavalry In The West’ published by John Lane, The Bodley Head Ltd, London, 1922. The author is merely known as ‘Aquila’

He was an anonymous officer who, if I have read this right, served with the 2nd Cavalry Division, probably 5th Cavalry Brigade.

Does anyone have any idea of his identity?

Many thanks

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On my website I identify the author of 'With the Cavalry in the West' as Captain J.D. Delius, brother of the composer. I've just been asked by a publisher where I got the information from. I've racked my brains, searched the Internet & every catalogue I've got but I can't find the answer. I know I read it somewhere, maybe from a dealers description or in a bibliography? It would have been a few years ago.

Can anyone else confirm this attribution?

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Thanks so much, IPT, I knew I hadn't dreamt it. 

It looks as if the press release pre-dated actual publication before Delius adopted the pseudonym.

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