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Looking at a mans attestation papers, and noted the following. Enlisted into the Territorial Force for the duration of the war in May 1915. His first posting is to the 1st battalion of the regiment. Did this happen very often.

Regards, Jon

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Hello Jon

There were some regiments (Hertfordhsires, Herefordshires, Cambridgeshires, Monmouthshires and of course Londons) which were wholly Territorial so if he served in one of those, it would be quite normal. Also, if he was in a Yeomanry regiment, he might have been posted to the first-line unit, which since it was described as 1/1st Blankshire Yeomanry, might look like an infantry 1st battalion. Or he might have joined one of the autonomous Cyclist battalions (Highland, Northern, Kent or Huntingdonshire).

Otherwise I would say it was fairly rare, though not unusual. If a 1st Bn had suffered heavy casualties on the Somme, say, it might have been topped up from a number of sources: reservists, TF or New Armies.


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I've certainly seen mass transfers from T.F. battalions (including Yeomanry Regiments) to the Regular and New Army battalions to reinforce after casualties in 1916. This came after the introduction of the Military Services Act of 1916 (i.e. conscription) which gave the Army much more freedom to move men around on their terms.

Before the T.F. renumbering in March 1917 he would have received a new Regular series Regiment number, but this was not required after March 1917 as long as he didn't change Regiments.


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