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Regulation 40D Conviction


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The London Times of 16 August 1918 reports that Margaret Tippens was sentenced at Aldershot to four months imprisonment with such hard labour as the prison doctor might determine for having communicated a venereal disease to a Canadian soldier.

The header to the article is "Regulation 40D Conviction". Can anyone advise what "Regulation 40D" means, or perhaps provide a clue as to what set of regulations (presumably civil) it was a part of?

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Ken, it was Regulation 40D of the Defence of the Realm Act. The regulation made it an offence for any woman suffering from venereal disease to solicit or have sexual intercourse with a member of His Majesty's forces.


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Thanks Tom,

Further checking of the Times archive revealed that up to 8 October 1918 there had been 201 prosecutions under 40D, 102 resulting in convictions. An Order in Council passed on 25 November 1918 revoked many of the regulations under the Act, including 40D.

Cheers, Ken

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