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This is may be a tall order but I'm hoping someone may have the information. I have a copy of the 1st Battalion's war diary for March 1915. I am told that the diaries rarely mention ordinary soldiers but a relative of mine is mentioned but for horrific reasons. I quote the entry for 25/3/1915 in billets at Cornet Malo -'about 5 am a fire broke out in the Headquarters billets. One man (Pte Gigg) and a cow burned to death'.

Interesting to see the concern about the cow...

Private Gigg was Sidney Charles Gigg who was 29 when he died. I think. perhaps, he needs a better memorial than the war diary entry. Does anyone know any more information about what happened to cause a fire at the headquarters.



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The cow could well have been dinner hence the concern

No mention in the regimental history but official records show he died of asphyxia ?? see below


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Thanks Coldstreamer for the reply, I must admit I had given up on this thread but glad for the response.

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I would have done but for your typo in the title :P

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