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Remembered Today:

Parroy Camp, Elverdinghe


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The topic title says it all. I'm trying to locate Parroy Camp, Elverdinghe on the trench map CD but without any joy.

Can anyone help?

Mike S

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I did look on a map of elverdinghe I have but I didn't find it, that doesn't mean it isn't there.

maybe you could contact croonaert

have a look at this


it mentions the camp.

kind regards


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Thanks Sabine.

I still can't find it on any trench map but I have located a Parroy Farm (today it is Vroedenhof Hve)

and I assume that the camp must have been nearby.


Mike S

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I had noticed your Topic but since I didn't know the answer ...

Yet, I had heard or seen the name "Parroy", but ...

You are right : Now Vroedenhof, in de Vroedenhofstraat, only a mile from where I live, but on the west side of the Boezinge/Elverdinge boundary. Coincidentally I was there close by 2 days ago to take pics for someone interested in a farm nearby (McMahon Farm).

Anyway, no mention of a camp there in my trench maps, but it must have been there (St. Julien, B.16.c.10.5 or B.16.d.0.5)


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